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Consignment Authors

Consignment shelf



Did you know that we offer books written by local authors? Well, we do!

We carry a small selection of new books that are special to us. Written by local authors, many of these consignment books feature the Highlands Neigbourhood and those who live here. However, we also accept some books from other authors within Edmonton.

They are carefully curated by Lianne to give you a truly YEG inspired reading experience.


These are the current authors we have in store:


Gary Allen - "Pippili's Special Day" (children's book) ($15)

Twyla Campbell - "Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup: The inspiring life of Chef Gail Hall" ($29.99)

Jerry Cordeiro - "April's Promises" & "Velvet Juice" (poetry) ($22)

Michelle Goulet - "Ralphy's Panama Adventure" (children's book) ($20.99)

Bill Gunter, Cheryl, Miriam and Peter Mahaffy & Kelly Lasola - "Bearly Over the Mountain" (children's book) ($15 softcover; $28 hardcover)

Marek Komar - "Mind Without Mind: Using Zen and the Science of Flow to Get Out of Your Own Way, and Perform at Your Best" ($21)

Kristine Lee - "The Perfect Toy Soldier" (children's book) ($12.25)

Dr. Kelly Palfy - "Men Too: Unspoken Truths about Male Sexual Abuse" ($28)

Carol Snyder - "Nature's Colours: A Guide to Western Canadian Dye Plants" ($25)

Lea Storry - "The Summer of Mystery" ($9.99)

Henry Vanderpyl - "Lighthouse on the Prairies: the Story Inside the Jesus Elevator" ($23)

Drew Walker - "Confines of a Free Spirit" (poetry) ($25)

Ryan Wiersma - "Pipeline Diaries: Alberta Forever" ($20)


Children's books

  Books on Consign


 Books About Highlands from People in Highlands:


Historical Highlands Society

  • "James Bond Steele Diaries: The Daily Life of a One-Room Schoolteacher in Early Edmonton 1885-1891" ($30)
  • "My Heart's in the Highlands: The Building of a Historic Edmonton Community" ($29.95)
  • "The Magrath Mansion: A Jewel in the Highlands" ($14.99)

Carol Snyder

  • "After the Fur Trade" ($20)
  • "Kick the Can: & Other Stories from the Highlands Neighbourhood" ($22.50)

John Tidridge - "Landmarks in Time: Memorial Parks, Benches and Plaques of Highlands, Bellevue and Virginia Park" ($14.95)


Highlands Books


Support local authors and artists!


* Due to the influx of consignment requests we are not able to take every book that comes our way. Please contact us through our main page for more information.